Training & Presentations

Training and Presentations For Community Agencies and Organizations on:

  • High conflict divorce
  • Parent-child contact problems training
  • Treatment for parent-child contact problems(i.e. reintegration therapy)
  • Parenting Plan Evaluations
  • Parent Coordination
  • Internships and mentoring for mental health professionals

Current Training Opportunities


Please visit for the following trainings:

  • Foundations for Conducting Parenting Plan Evaluations
  • Meeting and Interviewing Children for ADR
  • Deconstructing Parenting Plan Evaluations


“Thank you Dr. Shely Polak and Dr. Michael Saini for providing the Foundations for Conducting Parenting Plan Evaluations training. The training was extremely well designed allowing me to access the modules at my own pace while still being able to participate in group discussions and live feed. I appreciated the depth of information provided, which I have been able to incorporate in other aspects of my work with high conflict families. Truly grateful to learn from your expertise, insights and wisdom.”

“Dr. Polak and Dr. Saini, I wanted to thank you for offering the Foundations for Conducting Parenting Plan Evaluations course. This course taught me in more detail than expected, the theories, practicalities and related laws in this particular area of work. Although new to this area, I found the course lectures and materials detailed and systematically organized, which assisted my learnings greatly considering the over-whelming breadth of knowledge and research related to PPEs. I greatly appreciated that I could understand and take this course being a beginner in this specific area of social work. The course model was ideal , as it allowed flexibility to work on modules and practice mock cases while working full-time.”

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