Therapy for Parent-Child Contact Problems (i.e. reintegration therapy)

Clinician’s at Mackenzie Clinic have been trained to provide reintegration therapeutic services for families in which children resist-refuse contact with a parent post-separation. These circumstances are complex with multiple factors contributing to the dynamics of the parent-child contact problem. Clinician’s employ a family systems model, working comprehensively with all family members to assist in building healthier alignments and repairing strained parent-child relationships when these dynamics are present.

Dr. Polak also conducts an intensive multi-day reintegration therapeutic program. Please see for more information on this intensive residential reintegration program.


“We came to Mackenzie Clinic during a difficult time in our family’s lives. We found Dr. Polak and the rest of her team to be highy skilled professionals who dealt with our complex situation with sensitivity, care and most important compassion. I would highly recommend Dr. Polak, and her associates, to parents going through the difficulties encountered with separation.”

“Exceptional clinical service and care”