Family mediation is a dispute resolution method commonly used for resolving issues related to separation and divorce. It is a voluntary process where a neutral third party helps clients discuss and resolve family issues that often arise in the context of separation.

Decades of research findings reveal that mediation is less expensive, less time consuming and less stressful than litigation. The advantage of mediation is that it allows parents to make their own tailored agreements regarding the care of their children making for more personally satisfying agreements. The mediation process also encourages better communication skills and provides an opportunity for parents to work cooperatively and collaboratively with one another.

Dr. Polak is an accredited family mediator in Ontario. She has been trained to act as a neutral professional when mediating disputes between parents and families. She is able to combine this skill with education and information specific to child development within the context of separation and divorce. Through the process of mediation, Dr. Polak will help you develop a detailed parenting plan customized to the needs of your family and developmental needs of your children.


“We came to the mediation process with Dr. Polak with the goal of creating the best possible parenting plan for our children, while minimizing conflict, resentment, and cost. And that's exactly what we have achieved. We now have a comprehensive parenting plan that we believe in, and which is easy to follow. Dr. Polak has facilitated this process with all the compassion, professionalism, and efficiency that we could hope for. She helped us resolve our differences on many issues, avoid conflict, and always (always) put the children's best interest in the center.”